How much is your art worth?

Should you put up your art up for sale?

I used to have an almost reflexive dislike for putting a price on my work. How do you put a price on something that comes from within you? It feels crass reducing your work to a few lindens, doesn’t it?

My thinking on whether I should sell my work has evolved, though. Today, I do tend to put a price on my work. I don’t have any expectation of making money, though. I rarely sell my work. Usually just a couple of pieces at any show, and usually that’s friends buying my work (My friends are very sweet.).

I’m not pricing my work with some crazy expectation that I’ll be able to make a real life living at it or even an SL living: I couldn’t even pay for a monthly cup of coffee with the Lindens from my art sales.

Does anyone make any serious money with their art in Second Life? Probably not. Maybe one or two very well known artists, but I’d still doubt it’s much.

Making money isn’t an objective, certainly not a reasonable one.

I have a much more important reason for pricing my work, though; it’s the same reason you should be putting a price on your work, too. The work I create is valuable to me. I spent time on it and there’s a little bit of me in my work.

I’m sure it’s the same with you. Your work is valuable to you for the same reasons and that value should be reflected in some way in the price of your work.

If you put your work up for ten lindens or something insignificant like that, what are you saying about your work and yourself? Your work is worth more than that. You are worth more than.

So don’t worry about being a crass capitalist: you’re not going to make any money. The price is there more as an indication that you and your art are worth something.

*What’s a reasonable price? Most galleries price works for beginning artists between 200 and 400 lindens.*

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